Good Night

We designed this campaign to help you #TakeBackSleep

Pulling off long nights at work, hitting the snooze button on rest and catching up with your world online when you should be recovering offline. This is the reality we wake up to every single day. While you’ve been sleeping less, your dream of good health never sees the light of day.

Sleep deprivation affects mental and physical health which contributes to the way we live, work and even pause from being always on. It’s time to stop bragging about a sleep less culture and make people realize that sleep is not a sacrifice on the road to success.

Bombay Dyeing and Times of India have joined hands to release sleep from the shackles of shame and urge Indians and millennials to #TakeBackSleep. Our aim is to inform, educate and motivate you to sleep soundly and sufficiently every night. So, join the conversation and pledge to make a good sleep habit, a well-being habit.